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[MOD] Game Hiatus

You may have all noticed the silence; you have my deepest apologies. I was sick for essentially an entire month, missing school and work, and it's taken another week now to try and get myself back into those things. I'm really behind, I had to drop a course, and basically while I haven't totally lost my ability to RP or anything, I have lost the ability to mod a game of this size and structure.

I'm deeply apologetic for not having said anything earlier, but the truth is that I was really not looking forward to making this post and a little afraid of everyone's disappointment -- or everyone's total indifference, if you've all already noticed and wandered away.

Anyway. The game is closed, at least for now. I plan on trying again after school lets out for summer. Anyone who wants to come back at that point is totally welcome to; you'll get your characters back if you do, no questions asked. And anyone who wants to get in the van and drive far far away from this little trainwreck -- well, you're welcome to do that too, but we will miss you.

Thanks to everyone for playing; we hope to see you again, but we'll understand if we don't.

The Mods
dilapidated building

[MOD POST] Length of Day 1

So, you may have noticed that our first arc is meant to end today -- but no one seems to be anywhere near completing their logs. While we were initially thinking we wouldn't be huge sticklers for finishing your logs before the new arc, there's still the problem of not really wanting to start a new log until an old log is finished! We can't write about the night until we know what happened during the day.

We're going to try extending this arc for another two weeks -- maybe that'll be too much, but at least then we'll know. ;) Keep going, everyone! ♥

If you have any suggestions or comments on how the game is going so far, please make them here!
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Hi, everyone! First, let's take a moment to welcome our new Kira [wabi_suke] and our new Keigo [failatdeath]! ♥ New players acquired!

Logs have started, and honestly we couldn't be happier -- but we've noticed that everyone is doing separate comments, directly to the original post, and it's much easier to RP with someone if you reply to their comment, because -- as long as comment notifications are turned on! -- they'll get an email telling them you've said something.

(It's because of this, Rangiku-mun, that Yachiru-mun hasn't tagged you yet! She only just noticed that you'd replied today.)

This is completely and utterly our fault, and we're really sorry for not mentioning it earlier -- but try it, and you'll like it, we promise.

If you'd like to turn on comment notifications but don't know how, just comment on this post and we'll be happy to explain!

[MOD POST] Oh boy. It's going down.

First of all, please welcome our new Hinamori [petals_of_peach]! Add her to your flist and make her feel at home.

Second, take a look around -- your mods have done a lot of revamping, including a totally redesigned taken characters page and a general contact post. (The latter needs a nice, clean table, but it's there.) Between these two posts, it should now be a lot easier to tell who's who and get in touch with them.

(This does also replace the need for a contact info post on your character journal, so you can delete those, if you'd like. But leave the "talk to me!" post!)

Other changes: Premise has been totally rewritten. Applications and reservations have been combined into a single post. The F.A.Q. has been extended, and everyone should go take a look -- it should hopefully clear up combat with Zeroes, and how you should go about making your first post.

Have a look around. We're open. And your first arc post will be out later tonight~.

Eee. ♥♥
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[MOD POST] Update: New players acquired!

Please welcome to the game our new players: Urahara [stripiesthat] and Kenpachi [deathbells]! They've been added to the friend console, so head on over and add them (and anyone else you're missing) to your friends list!

Some of you may also have noticed that the application has been slightly altered -- namely, the "how did you die" and "what did your letter say" fields have been removed and replaced with a new, hopefully more intuitive "relationships" field. As K-tan, our Kenpachi player knows, this is partially because we're now giving you your letter.

Some of you may also get a new letter, but we haven't decided yet.

Obviously, no one who's already been accepted needs to change their apps -- you're all grandfathered in. ;) Anyone who wants to add a relationships section, etc... That's okay, too!


And welcome, everyone! My name is Libek, and I'll be (one of) your mod(s) for the evening. I also play Ichimaru Gin. Because I'm a horrible person. ♥

We certainly have an interesting little group of characters so far~. But that's just fine. k_a_r_a_k_u_r_a was designed to work, even with totally unrelated characters. (And I got me a Rangiku~. So I'm all spoiled.)

I have been casually RPing for -- oh, years now -- and writing fanfic since at least middle school. Kay Willow and I started up this game because we wanted something a little bit different... a little bit creepy... and a lot fun. So far, it looks like we're off to an awesome start.

And~. One odd thing about my Gin is that he does not, sorry, drop his g's. I swear I have good reason, and he does talk funny. It's just not that kind of funny. ;)

(P.S. You're totally encouraged to introduce yourselves, too. ♥)

And yeah, I'll be NCPing most of the Zeroes. :D Which is why I've only got the one character. X3